Tonight: Ian Cooke at Moe's Original BBQ

There is no plausible reason an Ian Cooke show should be only five bucks. But tonight, you can catch Denver's polished gem at Moe's Original BBQ -- on a lovely first Friday night, no less -- for the low price of a cocktail. While we await the release of his follow-up to 2007's The Fall I Fell, Cooke's stories of unrequited love will do just fine, brought to life each performance with unique, on-the-spot created loops to compliment his cello.

Cooke's voice works within compositions as an instrument, his sing-talk softening the pluckiness of his cello. But beyond what can be inferred from a recording, Cooke's gentle in-person charm is another reason to catch him live -- he is humble and gracious, much like the guy who's been selling you movie tickets at the Esquire Theatre for the last few years. Ian Cooke plays a sixteen and up show tonight with The Head and the Heart and The Lumineers at Moe's Original BBQ. Show starts at 9 p.m.