In honor of Vladimir Putin singing "Blueberry Hill," here are five of the best singing politicians

If you haven't seen this video of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin singing "Blueberry Hill," stop what you're doing right now and watch it. It's just that amazing. You see, in America, we sing to the president, but in Soviet Russia, the president sings to you (sorry!). Actually, we're pretty used to seeing political candidates performing in a ridiculous fashion, click through to see five examples.

5. John Ashcroft sings "Let the Eagles Soar"

John Ashcroft isn't exactly the most popular person in the universe. In fact, he's almost verifiably a complete nut job. Case in point: The fact that he was in a group called the Singing Senators. That was bad enough, but then we all saw this terrible fucking song, with lyrics like, "Let the eagle soar like she's never soared before/From rocky coasts to golden shore/Soar with healing in her wings." Healing in her wings? What does that even mean? Actually, why the hell is this song five minutes long? It's repeating the same ten lines over and over again.

4. John McCain sings Barbara Streisand

How desperate was John McCain to win that presidency? Well, he was desperate enough to go on Saturday Night Live and perform Barbara Streisand songs. It's actually pretty damn funny, but it's so incredibly out of place for McCain, that it's only funny because it's so painful.

3. MC Rove

Karl Rove has been labeled as the brains behind Bush's presidency. At least he's not the rapping.

2. Colin Powell sings "YMCA"

Yep, that Colin Powell is singing and dancing (and forgetting the curiously edited lines of) the Village People's "YMCA." More puzzling, perhaps, is the fact he did this at an Asia security forum in Indonesia. Way to show 'em how secure we are, Powell!

1. Dennis Kucinich sings "Sixteen Tons"

Dennis Kucinich is certainly one of the most eccentric people to run for the presidency in recent memory, but somehow him singing a bar from "Sixteen Tons" is not only one of the coolest things we've ever seen, but it also actually serves to make the correct point he was trying to make.