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Top 20 Colorado Hip-Hop Tracks of 2007

To anyone who says there isn’t any dope hip-hop coming out of Colorado: you need to have your ears checked. I’ve compiled a list of what I think were the 20 hottest songs from Colorado hip-hop artists in the last 12 months. They range from mixtape joints, freestyles, album cuts, and leaked songs from upcoming projects and trust me, it wasn’t easy just picking 20.

Anyway, you like what you hear? Leave a comment. Want more from a particular artist? Check the Colorado Hip-Hop MySpace Directory to get more info on an artist or ask about them in the comments. So here it is, my 20 favorite Colorado hip-hop joints of 2007:

Neva Asked 4 This - Whygee

Bringin It Back - Spoke In Wordz

Homecoming - Deux Process

Retro Electro (Jme White Remix) - D.O. & Tha Fly

Why You Do That - F.O.E. (Produced by Yonnas)

Deca - No More (Featuring Paas)

Free Boy - Proxy

Pushin’ Weight - F.O.E., Mezzly, Duce Wyld, 800 the Jewell

D.O. - Memo From the Chief Operating Officer

Voices – Maneline

Right Now - Concept Oner

Joe Thunder Exclusive feat. PAAS

Step Up - Jimathez, Dent, B Blacc (Produced by SP Double)

Things To Do In Denver When Your Dead - Playalitical

It's Up To You - On Point feat. Moka Only

We Can’t Stop Now - Dent, Solpowa, Supernatural

Struggle and Strive - SP Double

This Rap Sh*t – A.V.I.U.S.

We Are One – Apostle

Joe Thunder Exclusive feat. Distrakt, J Cook, & Mr. Verbal

-- Quibian Salazar-Moreno