Concert Reviews

Rockie Fresh at the Marquis Theater, 10/9/12


Rockie Fresh, Maybach Music Group's newest member, took the stage at the Marquis Theater last night wearing all black and several gold chains before rocking the small crowd. His energy was upbeat after spending almost a month up in the western slope of Colorado, sampling what his crew called "the best weed anywhere" while recording new material.

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The evening started with local MC Myke Charles, who was backed by DJ Chonz. Charles's energy was matched by the crowd, who bounced along with their hands in the air to his song "Lift Off." As Charles moved through his set, DJ Chonz provided cuts and scratches behind his tracks, providing some of the night's best moments. Charles's set had finesse and style, and he brought impressive stage presence and energy despite the small crowd.

Next up was Phil Ade, whose heavy, bass-laden set rattled the walls. Many fans were familiar with his songs and sang along as he performed. He asked for the real fans to suggest songs, to which one replied, "Disco Flow," right before Ade went into the mixtape cut, followed by a MMG mix of songs that the crowd rocked with. His style was entertaining, as he sprinkled in fast paced bars with some of the slow-tempo songs, and his voice sounded like a young Busta Rhymes.

The crowd of skinny jeans and snapbacks didn't have to wait too long for the headliner. Before Rockie Fresh hit the stage, hype man Hustle Simmons introduced him and got the crowd fired up. While the MC rolled through his set, the humble crowd rocked with fervor to songs like "Driving 88" and "I'm Wit It," a song from his new project Electric Highway. Driven by a typical street beat, it was a club song, but the crowd got into it.

Rockie Fresh's style was similar to most stuff you hear on the radio. His production was high quality, and his hype man did a good job catching his dubs and ad libs, but the material, which adhered to the typical money, cars, chicks formula found in most Top 40 radio raps, seemed to lack any substance.

Overall, the show was flat, boring and pretty much dead. The hosts kept boasting that MMG is the biggest record label in the world, but on this night, based on this performance, it's hard to confidently co-sign this claim, particularly after seeing Rockie Fresh rap with his own lyrics playing behind him.


Personal Bias: The music was Top 40 mixed with gangster rap which, although loud and boisterous, was pretty much carbon copy and dry. Rockie Fresh's songs sounded pretty much exactly like the radio versions, without much variation.

Random Detail: There were literally five women in attendance, yet the show consisted of many club and booty shaking songs, which made for several awkward moments.

By The Way: Rockie Fresh was about 5'5" and 125 pounds. It was hard to see him through the arms of the crowd.