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The Fray's American Music Awards performance

Just caught the Fray on the American Music Awards. Tonight's AMA performance marked the live debut of "You Found Me," the first single from the Fray's forthcoming self-titled album, due on on February 3. Isaac Slade's vocals seemed a bit shaky during the intro verse, but overall, the band's performance was pretty decent (bonus points for having Jeff Linsenmaier play tambourine in the background -- that was Jeff, right?). BTW, in case you missed it, we updated the previous blog entry about the Lost promo, with the lyrics to the song, some insight into the track from Slade and a viral video the band posted this past Friday. Finally, if you haven't already picked up your tickets for the December 13 at Snow Daze in Vail, where the act will preview the new album live, better get on it before they're gone.-- Dave Herrera