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Woodsman release digital single on Beko

Local ambient rockers Woodsman are having a heck of a month. Starting with landing a pair of songs as the a and b sides of the weekly single on Beko Digital Single Label, which has the simplest web site in existence.

The a side, "Manuel Control," is a shockingly immediate song for these guys, clocking in at a shorter-than-average 3 and a half minutes and reaching something close to catchy at its peak. The b side is the other extreme of the band's sound -- for nine minutes, the song circles back on itself, absorbing and mesmerizing you. You can download them both for free by going to Beko and clicking on the album art. It's the one with the trees. Get it?

Beko is a brilliant idea for a web site. It's just the title and the briefest of explanations: "a new single every monday (sic-they're not much into capital letters)." Other than that it's mostly just a horizontal scroll bar with consistently-designed single covers from each Monday's release.

The bands featured come from all over the world, and while there is a wide variety of sounds, you can definitely imagine them sharing a curator for this project.

Beko is not Woodsman's only brush with the wider radar lately -- they're in Austin right now for SXSW, and they're playing the Austin blog kingGorilla vs. Bear's Mexican Summer Party, which is pretty huge for them.

Thanks to the wonderful blog Something Like Sound for drawing out attention to the single.