American Idol: Lilly Scott's startling elimination

Read our recent interview with Lilly Scott, in which she discusses her American Idol experience, and catch her first local post-Idol performance at the Westword Music Showcase with her band Varlet.

And then there was none. The stunned faces of Lilly Scott's fellow contestants last night -- particularly Katy Stevens, who inexplicably ousted Scott to move into the final twelve (The Dirty Dozen, if you prefer), and Crystal Bowersox, who now has a clear shot at becoming the next AMERICAN IDOL -- matched ours upon finding out that Scott, one of this year's most interesting and talented contenders, had been unceremoniously eliminated from the show. And Scott herself did us even one better by saying exactly what we were thinking.

"I don't know. I thought I did really well. I thought I was appealing to a lot of people. You know I put my heart into every performance. And I thought I really gave it my all every time. It's surprising. A lot of incredible talent is going home tonight. I don't know what America wants to hear. I don't. I just know there's an audience out there for me that definitely wants to jam with me."

Sad to see her go, and we now have really no reason to continue watching this season of Idol. Way to go, America. After the jump, take a look back at some of Scott's intriguing song choices and noteworthy performances after the jump, and read our thoughts over the past few weeks as she made her ascent from Idol hopeful to Idol contender.