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The Afters Never Going Back to OK EP INO Records 01:10-01:55 of “Never Going Back to OK”

Wow, the chorus is actually “Never Going Back to OK,” I figured it was just going to be one of those titles that didn’t really have any relation to the actual song (there is even one of those numbskull back-up vocalists who contributes an extra “Ok”). Boy, was I wrong. This is some type of post-Jimmy Eat World pop music that attempts to be powerful, I guess.

Kate Nash Made of Bricks Polydor 02:15-03:00 of “Skeleton Song”

Ah, this is cute in that iPod commercial sort of way, except that judging by the rest of the song titles on this album, Kate Nash has got a dirty, dirty mouth. Either way, the adorability quality of this little Dublin-born, London-raised sweetheart might just knock Lilly Allen and Amy Winehouse out of the running for the “most delightful little brit-popper” award. Oh, and the music is just pinch your cheeks charming. Sia Some People Have Read Problems Monkey Puzzle Records 00:20-00:55 of “Lentil”

Oh joyous day, this is one of those woman vocalists who uses scattered instrumentation and the mighty harrumph of a ’30s jazz singer to create an atmosphere that sits on a fine line between pop and downtempo. Happiness, thank you so much for gracing the world with another Zero 7/Portishead/Massive Attack, 30-something goth-kids were running out of songs to make out to. Xanadu On Broadway Soundtrack PS Classics 01:05-02:50 of “Strange Magic”

I’m not sure whose idea it was to release this, but casting Daffy Duck in it was the greatest idea ever. There is a woman singing, and that’s you know – like a musical, then this Daffy Duck character comes in to offer some sweet backup. I would normally condemn this sort of thing just out of sheer principal, but I have a soft spot in my heart for ducks. -- Thorin Klosowski