Five famous musical muses: the women who inspire songs and movements and stir libidos

With the recent passing of Suze Rotolo, Bob Dylan's first muse, we thought it only appropriate to give a shout out to a couple of other famous ladies. The muse position is demanding and the position can vary (physically and figuratively) -- it's not all about getting a song named after you. This is about "band-aids," friends, women who not only inspire albums and songs, but movements, libidos and emotion.

Rock stars are famous for hooking up with chicks and then naming albums or songs after them. It makes sense. Men are in bands to get chicks, and chicks are with rock stars to get their name in a song. It's the circle of life, and it's time to pause, take a deep breath and commend those women for paving the way for the Gwyneth Paltrows and Kim Scotts of the world.

5. Sara Lowndes Suze wasn't the only lady inspiring Bob Dylan's music; Sara Lowndes (ex-Playboy bunny) and Dylan were married from 1965-1977. She was the inspiration for his songs: "Sara," "Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands" and rumored to be his muse for countless others. We are fans of Sara not because she inspired numerous tracks, but because she was a beautiful, crazy bitch that lived with Dylan in Woodstock, put up with his cheating ways and gave us more Dylans. Thanks, Sara.

4. Pamela Des Barres This skanky muse banged pretty much every rock star in the '70s: Gram Parsons, Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Michael Richards, etc. Pamela claims that she inspired rock stars to create their music. She's published a couple of books glorifying her famous hook-ups, but her fame isn't necessarily found in the depths of songs of The Doors songs or even in obscure titles -- this infamous muse inspired songs in the backs of buses, bathrooms and hotel beds. And that is noteworthy.

3. Christie Brinkley Who doesn't remember "Uptown Girl"? Some people claim that Joel wrote it about several models, but he stuck Christie in the video, so as far as we're concerned she gets credit. This ex Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model screwed Billy Joel up pretty damn hardcore, but the love story is a classic ugly, weird musician guy scores hot model because he writes her a song. And that gives nerds all over the world a little hope, so let the nerds be. Believe, nerds! Believe it can happen to you!

2. Yoko Ono Ohhhh...Yoko! Breaking up bands since 1969. That's the year, of course, she married John Lennon, and he reportedly never wanted to spend a day away from her and went a little batshit crazy after the two first met. The couple, which was insanely spiritual and highly politically active, worked together on several albums and even had their own group called the Plastic Ono Band. No, seriously, that's what it was called. She never inspired songs called "Ono," but she did manage to break up one of the biggest bands in history, and that's pretty damn impressive.

1. Anna Gordy Gaye Inspiring Marvin Gaye was no small task, people. During their volatile marriage, Anna inspired such hits as "Pride & Joy," "Stubborn Kind of Fellow," "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" and "That's The Way Love Goes." Although their life together was rumored to be filled with jealousy and infidelity, this lady held her own and even co-wrote some of Marvin's songs. After the couple parted ways, a judge awarded Anna $600,000 in back alimony and child support, so to pay her back, he dedicated his album Here, My Dear to her. Probably not the romantic gesture she was hoping for, but who cares? She got $600,000 and a snarky album. Word.