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What is the Twin Geminorum Complex?

Those who carry the Gemini sign celebrate their birthdays between May 21 and June 21, and apparently there's a lot of them who rap in Denver: Mane Rok, InkLine, and Ichiban are coming together with a bunch of other Gemini rappers to form the Twin Geminorum Complex. The project, tentatively titled Astrological, will more than likely be a compilation that will also feature Spoke-In-Wordz, Air Dubai, and Shmeeze the Imperial (of Parkhill Shortbus), who are all Geminis. Although not confirmed to participate on the project, DJs Chonz, Thought, Lowkey and rappers Catch Lungs, Upgrade, Opt Won, along with a bunch of others are also Geminis. Even though the project is in its infancy right now, check out the sneak peek of what to expect after the jump.