Flier of the Week: The Legendary River Drifters

We found a whale of a poster for you this week. Yeah, yeah, we know that was a pretty stupid joke, but we couldn't resist. Just like we couldn't resist the simple charms of this illustration. From its curlicue framing effect to its central whale-eats-boat motif, there's nothing not to like here. We're not sure if that's crayon or colored pencil, or maybe those weird pastel things (we never paid that much attention in our art classes) but in any case it lends some nice texture to the image. We've also seen a non-colored version of the same poster floating around, and it's pretty nice too -- we actually considered that one, too, before deciding the image simply worked better with color. In any case, we think you'll like it too, and if you aren't doing anything else Friday, December 18, we're willing to bet you'd have a good time at the Legendary River Drifters CD release show it advertises, too.