What we're all listening to right now

Music is life -- or at least it is for us. When we're not writing about it, we're thinking about it, talking about it or listening to it. These are the things that were in heavy rotation for us this week. What are you listening to? What should we be listening to? C'mon, now. Sharing is caring. Don't hold out on us.

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A.H. GOLDSTEIN The Piedmont Brothers Band - Back to the Country Makem and Clancy - "Rocky Road to Dublin" Leonard Cohen - Songs From a Room John Coltrane - "Body and Soul" Alan Stivell - "King of the Fairies"

DAVE HERRERA Broken Bells - After the Disco Angel Haze - Dirty Gold Jennifer Nettles - That Girl Death Grips - Government Plates VAUX - Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice

NOAH HUBBELL Spark Master Tape - The #SWUOP Serengeti The Cool Kids - The Bake Sale Lil Wayne - Da Drought 3 Lil Wayne - No Ceilings Tree - "Like Whoa"

BRAD LOPEZ As The Sky Darkens - "Thrown to the Wolves" Catholic Girls - "Dead Fawn" Speedwolf - "I Can't Die" Legion Of The Damned - "Mountain Wolves Under a Crescent Moon" Descendents - "Sick-o-me"

TOM MURPHY This Heat - Deceit Grouper - The Man Who Died In His Boat Amebix - The Spiderleg Recordings Yellow Swans - Going Places Crime - Murder By Guitar 1976-1980

LESLIE SIMON Gregg Brown - "Crop Circle Song" Angel Olsen - "Hi-Five" Allah Lah's - "Had it All" Warm Soda - "When Your Eyes Meet Mine" Eros and the Eschaton - "20 Different Days"

ADAM ROY Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Wig Out at Jagbags Big Pun - Capital Punishment Max Roach - Deeds, Not Words Ukkonen - The Ancient Tonalities Of... Minotaur Shock - "Through the Pupils of Goats"

JON SOLOMON Elvis Costello - My Aim is True Bill Frisell - Live Chocolate Genius - Black Yankee Rock Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - ACME Clifford Brown & Max Roach - Together Again: The Best of the Mercury Years

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