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Boss 302 Back For More

Whatever Happened to Fun? That's a great question there, sport. Glad you asked. Basically, in the spring of 1999, it got tired of everybody's shit and took its ball and went home. Well, not home, exactly, more like it went on to play in other bands like the Agency, but you get the picture. Anyhow, nearly a decade later, the bad boys of Boss 302 are back for a pair of gigs -- at the Bluebird warming up for the Fluid on Friday, June 20, as well as a reunion show of its own on Saturday, July 26, at 3 Kings Tavern -- to remind (or introduce, as the case may be) folks in the scene of how seriously kick ass Denver music used to be before the majors could find the Mile High City on a map and when the only TV show interested in local music was Teletunes. Check out several vintage Boss 302 performances after the jump. -- Dave Herrera

"Queen O' Nuthin"

"Won't Never Endeavor"