Music History

Rearview: The Week in Review (6/7/08-6/13/08)

Here's a wrap-up of all the great stuff you missed this week on Backbeat Online while you were busy speculating what kind of family dust-up could lead Madonna's younger brother to write an unauthorized, tell-all biography. We're betting he didn't get what he asked for last Christmas...

In honor of this week's CD release shows by d. biddle and The Last Seen, we offered up a free sampling of their music to download (along with some sweet Q&A sessions!), and Matthew Moon did the same on occasion of his song being chosen for a Budweiser Olympics promo. Oh, and in honor of their nominations to the Westword Music Showcase, so did about forty other bands:

3 the Hardway Achille Lauro Angie Stevens Astra Moveo Astrophagus Bela Karoli Born in the Flood Conspiracy Assassins Dan Craig Debajo Del Agua Epilogues Filthy Children F.O.E. George Inai Gregory Alan Isakov Hello Kavita The Heyday The Hollyfelds Horse Ichiban Immortal Dominion Jen Korte The Knew Kinetix ManeLine Meniskus Savage Henry Set Forth The Autumn Film Tim Pourbaix The Wheel UmConscious U.S. Pipe (die) Pilot Iuengliss The Informants Whygee Vices I Admire No Fair Fights Reed Foehl No Plot Kill Cat-A-Tac Tito Del Barrio Malaga

We also brought you Q&As with Wes Miles of Ra Ra Riot, the legendary RZA and Brendon Small, the mastermind behind Metalocalypse.

We reviewed the opera Nixon in China, plus shows by Dosh and by Milton Melvin Croissant III and pals.

We delivered the bad news: CDs are officially pointless.

We broke the news that a local plastic surgeon is giving hipsters surgery to emulate Thom Yorke's funky eye.

The Mile High Makeout looked hard at values, priorities and the Westword Music Showcase.

Finally, the Rap-Up wrapped up the last five winners of the Showcase hip-hop category. -- Cory Casciato