Holy crap! Talk about a Super weekend -- and we ain't talkin' about football here!

Man alive! Ahem, it's a super weekend. As you can see, there is no shortage of things to do in the Mile High City. There's a full Dance Card, FaceMan having its First Waltz tonight at the Bluebird, then there's that kick ass double-bill at 3 Kings and the hi-dive, Bob Marley's b-day celebration at Herman's, the Uke Fest over at Swallow Hill, Kraddy's up in Boulder, George Clinton's at the Fillmore and Denver Undiscovered is having its public premiere tonight at the Meadowlark, with a new running time of eighty minutes (evidently, if you saw the first cut of the film, there's a bunch of new footage). Oh and speaking of premieres and the Meadowlark, The Pirate Signal is premiering its new video for "The Saga of Dirty Street Kids" there tomorrow night. Off we go!