Exclusive Backbeat premiere: A first look at "Real is a Feeling," the new Pictureplane video

Remember that Pictureplane video we told you about back in November? It's done, and we have the distinct pleasure of premiering here for the first time. The "Real Is a Feeling" clip, directed by Sterling Crispin and Travis Ededy, is posted for your perusal below. Click through to have a look.

Not to spoil it for you or anything, but the video looks exactly like Bree Davies described it -- Hideous Men and Mario Zoots cameos, head-to-toe lycra, bondage gear, pinatas filled with various organs, plus troll dolls being torched, a little pin the tail on the donkey, green goo oozing from Egedy's mouth and tons of other mayhem. "Real is a Feeling"? More like weird is a feeling. Keep an eye out for Pictureplane's new album, Thee Physical, which is slated for release on Tuesday, July 19 on Lovepump United.