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Colorado Beat Box Competition: Drama-free, with Raekwon on hand, and the winner is...

The last time we covered the beat battle thrown by the organizers from PMG, there was no clear winner because a fight ensued that shut down the event. Last night, the final round took place between B. Fields, TC Crook and Davey Boy at Twisted Olive. It was a rather subdued evening, despite Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon being in the house and holding court next to the bar.

Because there were only three contestants, the festivities went rather quickly. The longest of it was really a wait for a very tardy TC Crook, who then sauntered into the venue flanked by a cameraman and saddled up at the stage, where the battle began.

B. Fields, a quiet young man who appeared bored by the entire thing, lazily introduced himself without giving any real indication of who he is or what he represents and went directly into his set. The beats weren't bad, but he was quickly eclipsed by Davey Boy, who was given an adequate run for his money by TC Crook.

There was no controversy this time around, and the whole thing was pretty quiet overall. The evening was hosted by Kevin Kain, who wore sunglasses, sipped a Martini and made light jokes with the crowd. The only surprise was the elimination of TC Crook in the first round. Some said he had the much better beat and more enthusiasm than B. Fields.

Ultimately, it was Davey Boy who took home the cash, the glory and the props from The Chef, who was impressed with Davey's choppy, hard-driven production.