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Tyler Gilmore offers composing and arranging classes

Since forming the forward-thinking big band Ninth+Lincoln Orchestra about five years ago, Tyler Gilmore has won the 2009 ASCAP/Columbia College Commission in Honor of Hank Jones, as well as the ASCAP Young Jazz Composer's Award for the past three years. In addition to composing for and conducting the Ninth+Lincoln Orchestra, Gilmore has also written studio orchestra, symphonic wind ensemble and string quartet music. Starting next month, he's offering beginning, intermediate and advanced workshops on composing and arranging at Dazzle.

The beginner program is geared toward anyone wanting to know a little more about what makes up the language of jazz. It's an introduction to basic harmony, including triads, scales, tonal function and the basics of jazz.

The intermediate level focuses on jazz harmony and rhythm in bebop, hard bop, free jazz and modern. In the advanced course, Gilmore will teach how to write for strings in jazz and classical, and the class ends with a premiere performance of the students' new works by the Penumbra String Quartet and special guest jazz soloist Peter Sommer.

The beginning and intermediate programs run seven weeks (Saturdays, February 19 through April 2) and cost $80, while the advanced level runs nine weeks (Saturdays, February 19 through April 16) and costs $160. To sign up for a course, or for more information, contact Gilmore.