Houses debut first single from long-awaited Winter EP

It's been thirteen and a half months since we last heard new recorded music from Houses. The band returns with "Your Ghost," which is a likely candidate for inclusion on the band's forthcoming Winter EP. You can stream or download the track below. "The song is a precursor to what's coming on the Winter EP," says front man Andy Hamilton. "I suppose it's a bit like that first snowfall, when people start realizing, 'Shit! Summer really is over' and then comes that feeling; whatever you wanna call it."

The song is a departure for the band: a guitar-free (!) piano-ballad with a slow build and a horn-aided payoff. Keyboard player Eric Peterson the rest of the album will be closer to what we are used to hearing from Houses, more riff-driven. Still, this one's a beauty. Hamilton offers some background on the song's meaning:

The lyrical content is really personal; it's certainly taken on new meaning while recording it. I suppose it's sentimental; recalling loss of a loved one and trying to find happiness in the midst of that. Just like when it's cold as shit outside, but you stop and realize how fucking beautiful and necessary winter really is.

You can download "Your Ghost" here or listen below.

Enjoy Houses while you can: this EP will be the band's last under the current moniker. Turns out some dudes from Chicago took the name first, causing Denver's Houses to come up with something different. The band members know what the new moniker is, but they aren't telling anyone yet. That will be announced immediately after the release of Winter in late February or early March.