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White Trash Blistmas and more

It's Christmas time again in the Mile High City. That means you can count on a few things: Festive, postcard-worthy lights adorning the city and county building, seeing a proliferation of Santa hats on drunken weekend warriors from LoDo to SoCo and, of course, the return of Blister 66's annual White Trash Christmas soirée.

Blister66 hasn't been active in the scene since the Webb administration, but that hasn't stopped Chris Dellinger from reassembling his gang of hooligans once a year for a night of guaranteed debauchery. Stop by the Gothic Theater this Saturday, December 22 to indulge in this year's festivities, which will include performances from new and original members of Blister, along with its assorted compadres, Snapstick Dynomite, Eight Bux Experiment, Dos Crew, Dead Guys Watch and Lola Black.

That same night in what's sure to be a slightly more civilized but no less sordid affair, Hot IQs, Cat-A-Tac, dbiddle and The Knew host an indie rockstravaganza over at the Bluebird Theater. Meanwhile, over at the Lion's Lair, Rachel Pollard, Joshua Novak and Blue Light share a bill with Gann Matthews and Jonathan Byerley, both back in town for the holidays from NYC.

Then on Christmas eve for those lonesome souls who would otherwise be spending the holidays alone, Duncan Barlow and 3 from dbiddle will be spinning over at the Sputnik for an aptly titled gathering called Misery Loves Company.

Oh, and finally, this just in: Drag the River's last three shows have now been solidified. On Thursday, January 24, the act will kick off its three night run at J.J.'s Triple Nickel Tavern in Colorado Springs, followed by a date at 3 Kings Tavern the following night, Friday, January 25, and then culminating with a gig at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins on Saturday, January 26. "I'll never say it's the end," says Jon Snodgrass, "but I can't promise it'll ever happen again."

-- Dave Herrera