200 Million Years shows off their need for help in style

The last few month have been unkind to a few local groups. It seemed like everywhere we looked bands were getting their gear jacked. Thankfully, Colorado loves to help when these things happen, that's where Loss Prevention Thanksgiving comes into play.

The benefit show is a two venue affair, with 200 Million Years, Le Divorce and Panal S.A. de C.V. taking on the hi-dive with comedians Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy and Nathan Lund. Meanwhile, next door DJs boyhollow, option4 and Dave Wilkinson will be providing smooth grooves for those looking to help the band out, but, you know, don't actually want to listen to them.

The flier does a good job of conveying the grief and generally awful feeling associated with getting your gear stolen. Brian Son's artwork feels chaotic and dissonant, a splatter layered on something else, which to us kind of looks like an ant head. It's probably not an ant head, but if it was we'd make some comment about how it's all a metaphor for the small and meek feeling one gets when their property has been violated by unscrupulous thieves.

We also get some fancy corroded text to go along with it and all the details about the show are laid out in nice, easy to read blocks of text. We can't stress how important this is when so many different factors are in place for one event. It's nice to be able to take a quick glance at this flier and understand everything we need to, bands, comedy and DJs next door. It's clear this is a benefit for 200 Million Years and it's clear this will be a great night of all kinds of entertainment on what is essentially a pre-weekend evening.