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Top Five Mile High Music Fest Artists I Kinda Want to Lick

The author is a Denver-based music junkie and quasi-music writer of the female variety, and not she's afraid to admit that she sometimes wants to make out with the bands she writes about.

This year's Mile High Music Festival billed some of the hottest bands around. But since I sometimes struggle to separate my music-fan side from my you're-dreamy-would-you-mind-if-licked-your-face? side, I couldn't help but notice that it also featured some of the hottest-looking bands. Needless to say, I was in fan-girl heaven as I scuttled from stage to stage reviewing sweaty, sexy sets and interviewing lovely musicians, marveling at their wonderfully asymmetrical hair and excessively skinny pants. So -- now that I've finally stopped panting -- here are the top five Mile High Music Festival musicians I'd like to lick. Or be licked by. Either way.


1. G. Love The charming Garret Dutton was far and away the most attractive person at the festival. From his secretive smile to his soothing voice, the man oozes sex appeal. During our short interview, he leaned in close to casually chat about the Mile High Club and fornicating on trains -- a cruel form of seduction since said fornicating was not, sadly, with me. What was I thinking when he threw his arm around my shoulders and laid down a hot freestyle rap? You don't want to know. Actually, you probably do.

2. Sean Foreman (3OH!3) I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I am officially lusting after both members of our hometown rap duo. While the lovably lanky Nat Motte staked an early claim on my 3OH!3 to-do list, I had written off Sean Foreman as the short, dorky sidekick. But staring into his Pacific-blue eyes, my lips actually quivered. In addition to producing chart-topping songs and pumping his soul into every live performance, Foreman is officially delicious.