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Last Night ... Z-Trip at Sutra

Z-Trip January 15, 2008 Sutra Better Than: Going to bed early on a school night.

Without a doubt, Z-Trip is still the unequivocal master of the mash-up, as evidenced by his energetic set last night at Sutra, where he threw down at a private party sponsored by Red Bull. From one mind-blowing segue to the next, the Phoenix-bred DJ was in classic form as he treated die hard enthusiast and neophytes alike to his trademark blends. Despite the fact that the mash up phenomenon is completely played out at this point, Z-Trip managed to make the whole thing feel just like the first time, as he seamlessly mated the riff from "Sweet Child of Mine" with the vocal hook from Stevie Wonder's "Uptight (Everything's Alright)" and merged icons like Zeppelin against Public Enemy, making it sound like they were always meant to be together. A throwback to Z's salad days, the set was an especially rare treat for the Shifting Gears-era newcomers who've never had the chance to experience his straight-up mashed up sets firsthand. It was even rarer to see him perform his magic in such an intimate setting. For a primer on Z-Trip, visit his website and download 1999's Uneasy Listening Volume 1, his breakthrough mix with DJ P, or 2003's Live in LA to get a taste of what you missed last night.

-- Dave Herrera