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3OH!3 grace the cover(s) of AP. Again.

Update: Last week's scuttlebutt turned out to be true. 3OH!3 indeed officially has the number one song on the radio in the country right now, and unsurprisingly, "Don't Trust Me" has reportedly gone double platinum.

Yeah, and it don't stop, and it don't quit. Speaking, of course, of the redamndiculous exposure of 3OH!3 right now. A few weeks ago, Eryc Eyl made a claim that the group had officially achieved ubiquity. With the frequency with which we've been blogging about the act's exploits, you'd have trouble making a case otherwise. But the hits just keep coming, as it were. Earlier this week, we posted a clip of the outfit's recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, and we just found out that the Boulder boys, who are purportedly in the studio this week with Lil Jon (aka LilJizzel), have graced the cover of AP -- again, second time in a matter of months -- and reportedly have the number one radio single in the country. Ubiquity indeed. Click the photo to the left to enlarge the cover feature Nathaniel Motte and follow the jump to see the one featuring Sean Foreman.