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Die Antwoord take us deeper down the zef rabbithole

Our first encounter with South African Internet sensation Die Antwoord saw us categorize them as just another bizarro novelty for the Freaky Friday canon. But then a funny thing happened -- as we dug a little deeper, we started to kind of like it (well, some us did -- we seem to have a split decision here). Next thing we knew, we were embracing our inner zef (explained here).

As Die Antwoord would say, that's some next-level shit.

Now if you'd have told us six months ago we'd be embracing a cheeky hybrid of old-school rave music and high-speed intricate raps delivered in thick South African accents, we'd have told you were off your nut. But how can you not love this stuff? (BTW, the clip above it is mildly NSFW).

We're not the only ones. Super hipster bible Pitchfork is down with Die Antwoord and scored a sweet interview yesterday. They dug into the origins of the group, asked them a bit about their sincerity (because we all kind of wonder if it's a joke on some level, and if so, how much is a joke and how much is real), learned about their weed-smoking habits and lots more, like this tidbit about Ninja's training regimen:

Dragon is Ninja's personal trainer. He's from the Congo. Dragon is teaching Ninja gorilla style at the moment. Part of this training involves watching National Geographic wildlife movies about gorillas in the mist.

Yeah, sounds about like we'd expect. Read the rest of the interview over at Pitchfork and, if you haven't already, listen to the album for free at Die Antwoord website.