Git Some fancy silk screens

Rock posters have a long and storied history with silk-screening. It has been a tradition in poster and flier design for as long as the promotion of rock concerts has existed. It's this very fact that warms our hearts when we see local shows with silk-screened posters, and this week we get pleasured by Git Some, I Know You, Rider, Glass Hits and Hot White.

The poster was designed by Christopher Norman and printed by Cau$e Medic Ink. It's clearly inspired by silk-screening roots, with a little bit of that photocopy flavor mixed with a pop-art sensibility. It's also lovingly simple: bands, venue, date. No extraneous details to speak of. If you live in Denver, you presumably know when shows start at the Larimer Lounge, and you're certainly aware of its location.

Eyeballs have always been a key part of fliers, too, for whatever reason. Perhaps it's just the fact that they look so damn good on a poster, albeit a bit creepy. This one has at least four, with a couple mouths thrown in for good measure. The eyes might be reversed too, but we can't say for certain. It's like one of those brain-teaser pictures.

We'd also mention the fact we're getting a bit of a Saul Bass vibe from this poster, although it's likely due to the color choice, which resembles the cover of Vertigo, more than the design itself. Even so, the combination of the psychedelic and the modern is hard not to admire.