Freaky Friday: "Beauty School" karaoke madness

Among the many accomplishments of the power of networked computing, I consider the elevation of karaoke from hilarious drunken pastime to even more hilarious high art one of the greatest. See, YouTube and other video/audio hosting services have allowed many, many thousands of aspiring singers to attempt to karaoke their way to fame and fortune. Some have even succeeded! Dudes like the new singers of Journey and Boston, for example, both of whom were discovered online singing their favorite bands' hits in eerily similar styles to the original singers. Or dudes like the one and only André Berlin, who you can see here singing the timeless hit "Beauty School Dropout" from Grease.. For bonus points, he's singing it shirtless, while lit in a way that makes it appear half his face has melted into the ethereal realm. He also takes the occasional opportunity to mug ferociously for the camera in a way that helps lift this over the top. Somehow, I think Mr. Berlin actually has a big future in Germany, where he's from -- they seem to eat this kind of off-the-wall shit right up. Which, to be fair, so do I, when you come right down to it. The video awaits after the jump.