Total Ghost's quest to play a show "up zair" on a "Space Station" will have you wetting your pants

Total Ghost is hard not to love, and that's partially thanks to the stellar video work of the Nix Brothers, who directed the bands first video, "Tour Life," and who also took the helm for Total Ghost's newest clip, "Space Station." It's safe to say the Nix Bros are quickly becoming some our favorite filmmakers.

"Space Station" is one of our favorite videos so far this year. It's so over-the-top and ridiculous, you can't help but enjoy everything about it. Kudos to the Nix Brothers for creating an authentic, cheesy video that actually made us laugh out loud several times while watching it. The idea of Total Ghost wanting to play a show in space (or "up zair," as they put it) and not being allowed to by NASA is just awesome. Have a look.

If the video isn't enough to win you over. Here's a double Total Ghost whammy. The outfit has offered up a free stream of their live SXSW performance. If you've been wondering how the act could possibly pull off the ridiculousness live, now's your chance to get a gander. It's about as ludicrous as you'd expect, with plenty of banter in-between songs and other hijinks, but the music and sound is surprisingly good, considering where and how it was recorded.

Total Ghost is playing tonight at Too Much Funstival, so if the above video or live set has you intrigued, be sure to check it out.