Top ten Backbeat posts of 2011

By now, anyone who's ever blogged -- which is likely most of you reading this -- knows that the stories that took the most time, the really important ones, were often around the bottom when it came to traffic, pageviews, unique visitors, etc. Meanwhile, the ol' bacon Nativity scene is doing gang-busters and your 2,500-word Q & A with that interesting producer is putzing along. What makes a post zoom is a strange alchemy of Google searches, Facebook shares, social bookmarking and of course, a good piece of content.

So, know that before you view the top ten Backbeat posts -- in terms of traffic -- of 2011.

10. The Oscars 2011: Five best soundtrack songs that didn't make this year's ballot 9. Ten Songs about masturbation 8. Tonight: Asking Alexandria at Summit 7. Gruesome fight in parking lot at Phish show captured on video, inspires Facebook outrage 6. Behold 50 Cent, the human snow blower! For $100, he'll shovel your walk or dig you out! 5. Five songs written by Katy Perry and recorded by someone else 4. Top 5 rapper face tattoos 3. Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Michelle Trachtenberg: Who does the best Nicki Minaj? 2. Raver Girls and you: A pictorial guide to how to escape these dangerous predators 1. Westword - Denver Music - Backbeat

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