Westword Music Showcase

Meet 100(ish) of Denver's best bands: Part one

Your new favorite band is from Denver -- you just have to find it! No small task in a city with thousands of artists and hundreds of venues, we know -- but you can start this weekend at the Westword Music Showcase. More than 140 of our favorite local artists will play sixteen stages around the Golden Triangle neighborhood, and we'll tie the whole thing together with an outdoor main stage featuring a few party-starting out-of-towners, including Diplo and 2 Chainz.

This is our twentieth year putting on the Showcase, and it's a great place to find those new favorites. But it's also just one part of our ongoing effort to introduce you to the best of this city's music. All of the local bands playing the Showcase are also nominees for Westword Music Awards. That list is even more daunting, featuring over 300 bands and artists selected by our expansive nominating committee as the finest Denver has to offer. You can see the full list of nominees and vote for your favorites here.

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