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Panic at the Disco's Sgt. Pepper Moment and Other Assorted Goodies

Here's a selection of the best of last week's music blogging from around the Village Voice chain: Panic at the Disco become the Warped-Tour-era answer to "Listen to the Flower People." You can judge for yourself whether that's a good or bad thing.

Radiohead kicks off its tour in Florida, and typically, the show kicks ass. Makes you extra sad it isn't coming here, doesn't it?

Eagerly awaiting the new My Morning Jacket record? Here's a preview of it based on a listen to a promo version, plus some bonus Judas Priest news.

Find out how hot Philadelphia band Man Man sees themselves compared to other Philadelphia acts from the past.

A photographer's brutal run-in with security at a My Chemical Romance show has a happy ending. Those MCR guys are such nice boys...

The sounds of No Age, including cymbal splashes like static and guitar riffs like ships passing through fog, are explored and expounded upon by Tom Breihan.

Learn the secrets of the Kokopelli dance and more jam-band arcana at the Jammys.

Journey down to Phoenix to enjoy grizzled Southern Rock, an eleven-year-old metal-guitar prodigy and the second coming of Jackyl -- complete with chainsaw antics and fuzzy photos! -- in one hell of a concert review.

Yet another blogger is turned on to the buzzing digital cacophony of Crystal Castles, one of the best bands happening at the moment.

Roger Waters plays Dark Side in its entirety, creating a collective experience that goes beyond a simple concert. -- Cory Casciato