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CacheFlowe and Scott Banning of itchy-O share the secrets of their craft this Friday

If you've got an itching to get some learning in this weekend in lieu of your usual plan of drinking too much, hurling and then passing out on a friend's couch, we've got a perfect event for you. Scott Banning of the itchy-O Marching Band and Cacheflowe will be giving presentations, demos and answering questions about their respective crafts tomorrow night.

The two will be presenting as part of the Dorkbot303 series of discussions. The premise is pretty simple: If you do something cool, share it with people. That's why Cacheflowe and Banning were tapped this week.

"I'll be doing a fairly short presentation on my software Rob.Vox" says Cacheflowe, "and the audio programming environment, ChucK, that I wrote the software with." He recommends you snag it ahead of time, so you can at least check it out and have some questions. But if you're lazy/forgetful, you can probably bum a free Wi-Fi connection somewhere on Santa Fe. He'll also be doing a short A/V performance demo of his VJ software, Haxademic, which will also be open-sourced soon.

For Banning's part, he'll be giving a quick demo of how the itchy-O Marching Band sets up its traveling mobile get ups. "I'll bring a few rigs down and show how they work," says Banning, "as well as how they're set up, how the batteries work, that kind of stuff." The rigs, of course, are one of the most interesting parts of the band, as they're essentially battery powered noise backpacks that supply juice to everything ranging from theremins to speakers.

Both presentations will have plenty of time for Q&A, meaning by the end of the night, even the most dense of us should have working knowledge of some great software and how to take said software on the road in a loud and unruly manner. It's going down Friday night, February 4, from 7-9 p.m. at Studio 11 (910 Santa Fe). It's free, and if you want to actually get some hands on time with Rob.Vox you should probably bring your laptop.