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Viceroy at Bar Standard, 4/26/13

VICEROY @ BAR STANDARD | 4/26/13 I arrived fashionably late for Viceroy's guest DJ gig at Denver Disco. The San Francisco based DJs appearance at Bar Standard was definitely one of the more anticipated events of the spring. The Viceroy vibe is "summer all the time," and that definitely comes across in his breezy light remixes of artists like Notorious B.I.G. and Mark Morrison. The venerable Denver Disco night is known for the bubbly sounds of nu-disco and electro house made popular by artists Gigamesh, DiscoTech and Calvin Harris (aka the sound that's taken over pop music in the last year or so).

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As a party, Denver Disco feels like it's about to blow up and take it's place amongst the many legendary Denver independent club nights. The night is always a pleasure and makes great use of the main floor space at Bar Standard, for what had to be a match made in heaven. Loyal fans of the party packed in to catch some of the summery vibes of Viceroy, who did not disappoint.

One of the best things about Denver Disco is seeing a crowd dance with each other. Something about the complextro/nu-disco vibes just makes you want to dance with somebody, and it feels good. By 12:30, the entire room had to be dancing as Viceroy unleashed his own famous versions of dancefloor fillers like "Closer than This" by St. Lucia and his version of the uber funky french electro winner "Fantasy" by Breakbot.

The most remarkable thing about his set was Viceroy's tendency to let songs play. Frenetic, one-verse-and-done slam mixing is way too popular nowadays thanks to lazy mainstream DJs. House music and disco, heck all genres of music need room to breathe. This allowed Viceroy to break the room down and slowly build it up like an old school master. One particularly high point was him dropping the Gigamesh edit of Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough." By the time the major chords hit, smiles were on everybody's faces.

By night's end, it was clear that this was another feather in the cap of the Denver Disco crew. The team is building a reputation for putting on some of the better jams around town. Adding Viceroy to their mix gave a lot of people a chance to get out and vibe at their party for the first time, or in some cases the first time in a long time.


Personal Bias: One of the best things about Bar Standard is the actual bar is not far from the dance floor, and even though the line was long, it was easy enough to get a friend to stand in line and just pass drinks back.

Random Detail: We don't expect people in Denver to get dressed up to go out (unless it's in costume, the MORE offensive the BETTER! Am I right?). So it was nice to see girls and guys looking fresh to death, even if it was their best Jordans or an H&M dress.

By The Way: Maybe I was late in the door but I fully expected to hear the new Daft Punk record and was eager to see how people reacted to it. No such, ahem, luck.