A first look at Glass Delirium's new video for "Beside Myself"

Question: Although we all know that most bands are not actually playing (well, unless it's a live clip and they are actually, you know, playing) when being filmed for the live sequence of a video, does it detract from the impact it has on you if you can clearly see that the band's instruments aren't plugged in? Or does the very premise of watching an outfit mime along with its song require you to suspend enough disbelief in the first place that you're seriously unconcerned with such things? We pondered this notion as we screened Glass Delirium's new video for its song "Beside Myself," from its latest album, Thanks to a Monster's Many Heads. The clip, filmed and edited by Joseph Garcia and a crew of students from CU Denver, centers on shots of the act playing in an empty parking garage at what appears to be the Auraria campus, with unplugged guitars and no detectable amplification.