Getting stoned with Mr. Midas

Our state recently made history by voting to legalize marijuana for recreational use. In honor of this momentous occasion -- and while the specific legalities are being ironed out with the feds -- we thought we'd take a few minutes to catch up with various members of our musical community, the known imbibers, and get their thoughts on the whole issue. Today we spark up with Mr. Midas, whom we caught up with while he was recording material for his next project, Red Cards, Green Bottles.

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Westword: Do you smoke weed?

Mr. Midas : Daily.

What was your first experience with weed?

My mom smoked. So I was around it since I was like four or five. It didn't really get into my life until around high school as far as daily and everything (laughs).

What is one of the most lasting memories you have of an experience with weed?

Unfortunately I can. I went to high school, we had a basketball game, and we smoked before a playoff game. We lost. I'll never forget that. I'm not saying it had something to do with it, but [long pause] it might have.

What do you think about the legalization of marijuana for recreational use?

I think the government, as dumb/smart as they are, knew they couldn't stop it, as far as the people growing it and all that was concerned. So they figured they might as well make some money off it. It's just like liquor, except liquor is much worse. It was just a matter of time.

What person dead or alive would you like to smoke with?

2pac. I want to ask him how to get these haters off me [laughs].