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One of our wishes comes true: Dismemberment Plan reunites

Last year, we listed a bunch of reunions we'd like to see, and on that list was the Dismemberment Plan. Not that we had anything to do with this, but it looks like the band is back together and planning a few shows and a re-release of their fantastic LP Emergency and I.

Right now, the band just has a few shows lined up on the East Coast -- but we're still holding on to the hope that a full-fledged reunion tour is in the works. The reunion shows are to help publicize the LP release of Emergency and I on Barsuk records on January 11, 2011. The re-release will come packaged with a bunch of extras, including an oral history of the making of the record, photos and a few extra tracks from their difficult-to-find releases.

The guys have also stepped into the 21st century; they've set up Twitter, Facebook and Myspace accounts to help fans keep track of exactly what they're up to. If history is any indication, the shows on the East Coast will convince the bandmembers they need to tour, inevitably bringing them to Denver at some point. Well, that's how it usually works, anyway. Here's to hoping.

MP3: Dismemberment Plan - "Time Bomb"