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Meet The Made Shop, the Fray's design group of choice.

Ever wonder who comes up with the concepts and design elements for different albums? Like the shattered light bulb and neon Fray sign that adorns How to Save a Life and its self-titled follow-up, for instance? What's more, ever wish you could get a peek at the concepts as they're being developed? Today's your lucky day.

As it turns out, the Made Shop is in the midst of working up tour material ideas for the Fray's next road trip. Helmed by various members of the furiously talented Johnson clan -- Marke, Kimberly, Nathan (Cinematic Underground) and Zachary, all kin of Fray producer Aaron and Brothers Broom/Brick director Rian, who also share the same surname -- the Made Shop is the outfit responsible for designing both Fray album covers and other assorted band paraphernalia (tour posters and what have you). To get a gander at just how those lights were assembled, and to see some of their other concepts for this tour, visit The Made Shop's website.