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The Weekend Showdown: King Rat Reigns

We would hate for you to miss out on all the awesome that happens every weekend in our fair city, so we've decided to run down five of the best shows in one easy-to-swallow post, with video and audio. Tell us -- and the rest of the world -- what we missed in the comments.

On Friday night, punk mainstays King Rat release their new album, Everything Burns. That's probably the best show of the weekend, but don't sleep on a very intriguing First Friday gig at Theory and Practice Gallery featuring Paleo, Dovekins and Mehko & Ocean Birds. And then there's Pictureplane's national tour with Small Black and Washed Out, which has its Denver stop this weekend. Up in Boulder, rap legends The Pharcyde are joined by a live band at the Fox.

1. King Rat

With Suburban Hostage and White Leather Bender's Tavern Friday, April 2. Show starts at 10pm. $6.00

Why you should go: As Jason Heller explained in last week's feature, King Rat are a serious fucking punk band, and this show is a chance to see the legends at work. Opening are a pair of headliners in their own right.

Listen:" target="_blank">King Rat Suburban Hostage White Leather

2. Paleo

With Laura Goldhammer, Dovekins, and Mehko & Ocean Birds Theory and Practice Gallery Friday, April 2. Show starts at 9pm

Why you should go: Forget the novelty of the venue -- these guys can play. Laura Goldhammer, solo and with Dovekins, is one of Denver's most intriguing musicians, and Mehko & Ocean birds are on the rise, true showstoppers dedicated to their noisy, primal and honest musical expression.

Listen: Paleo" target="_blank">Laura Goldhammer Dovekins Mehko & Ocean Birds

3. Washed Out

With Small Black and Pictureplane Rhinoceropolis Friday, April 2. Show starts at 9pm.

Why you should go: Three of the cooler bands around, period, this show is something like a victory lap for Travis Egedy and Pictureplane. This is the tour with the big-buzz kids making music that challenges the zeitgeist and embraces it at the same time.

Listen: Washed Out Small Black Pictureplane

4. The Pharcyde

With Foodchain and J.O.B. Fox Theatre Friday, April 2. Show starts at 9pm. $22.50 ($25.00)

Why you should go: What needs to be said about The Pharcyde at this point? One of the smartest most engaging rap groups ever, they'll perform with a backing band. Should make for a particularly engaging show. Honestly, you've heard the singles, right? Just go to the damn thing.

Listen: The Pharcyde Foodchain J.O.B.

5. Tegan & Sara

With Steel Train and Holly Miranda Ogden Theater Sunday, April 4. Show starts at 8:00pm $35.25

Why you should go: Indie music's favorite identical twin sisters are remarkable in that, even this late into an over 10-year-old career, they're getting better. If you want squealy piano balladry, opener Steel Train is just the thing, and Holly Miranda is just good, period. Nothing like a little skepticism to round out your Easter.

Listen: Tegan & Sara Steel Train Holly Miranda