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Nels Cline collaborates with the Bottesini Project

On Naima's Grass Pajamas, Paul Riola's Bottesini Project has assembled something of a dream lineup, including guitar legend Nels Cline of Wilco, bassist Keenan Wayne, CacheFlowe, Janet Feder and Glenn Taylor. The musicians recorded a day's worth of improvisations, then Riola and Colin Bricker spent many additional hours in the studio assembling the final product. "We collaged a lot of the sessions together, so we could form what we thought was a coherent narrative of the improvisations," Riola explains. "The album is not a stamped-out document of the improvisations. We really took a musique concrete approach to it."

Riola says it was a project four years in the making. When he booked Cline for a solo performance in town he was finally able to make it happen. "What I like to do is put musicians together. I pay a lot of attention to what musicians are doing, listen to a lot of music," Riola says. "What I like to try to do is hire folks with a shared aesthetic."

The results can be heard when the album is released for digital download on October 20 via Bocumast. If you can't wait, there's a special performance featuring Paul Riola (Saxophone/Electronics), Mark Harris (Saxophone/Electronics), Roger Green (Guitar), Janet Feder (Prepared Acoustic Guitar), Glenn Taylor (Pedal Steel), Keenan Wayne (Bass), and Colin Bricker (Laptop) set for this Friday, October 16 at Notably Fine Audio, 2949 Larimer Street. Tickets are $15 and include an exclusive CD version of the album. Seating is extremely limited, so you'll need to R.S.V.P. if you plan to attend -- and wear something snappy, the performance will be filmed for live DVD release.