A first look at Young Doe's "Droptop" video

Young Doe puts a little hip-hop spin on the show Cheaters with his new video for the song "Droptop," featuring Texas recording artist Chalie Boy.

The Damon Jamal-directed clip features a host of local cameos from cats like Mr. Colorazzi, DJ Ktone and Rockie, as well as Kevin Kain, who offers up a convincing performance as the jilted lover. Proclaiming his hurt with an artful "I'm not fuckin' with you. Hey, look, you ain't even my baddest bitch. Go ahead, man. You can have her. That's my bottom bitch," he struts out the door with his topless ex-lover in tow.

Young Doe, meanwhile, plays his part well, too, as the foil in this love triangle. Pretty dramatic, really, but the visual translation matches the lyrics and tone of this song about a clandestine love affair perfectly. Click through to see the clip.