Lion Sized in three-part harmony is our flier of the week

This week's flier of the week is not one flier but three fliers, one for each of the members of Lion Sized.

This first randomly selected (we're not aware of any particular order) flier effectively sets the tone for the rest of what you're getting -- a splattery, exploded portrait of one of the members. It's like Jackson Pollock decided to explore portraiture and printmaking without giving up his core style. Or something like that -- we didn't do that well in our art classes.

It's a cool image paired with some solid design. What really pushes it over the top, though, are the other two pieces. On their own, any one of them is cool enough to earn flier of the week honors most weeks.

As a set, there was no contest. It's a rock and roll triptych of awesome magnitude. Click through to see the other two in almost-full size and remember you can click on any of them to get a bigger version.

Part the second: Part the third: