Moving Pictures: A first look at Denver County Death March's "Hannah Montana's Blood" video

Alrighty then. The tongue is so far in cheek on this one that it's forced its way through the flesh and is wagging freely on the outside. But then, you probably gathered that from the name of this track. No spoilers here.

What we have here is a purposefully (we presume) budget looking affair that features Death County Death March rocking out nonchalantly in the back of Wax Trax, covered in fake blood the color of red Koolaid, in the presence of a bearded effigy of the teenage Disney princess sitting at a meet-and-greet table, that ends with her being chased down the block by a fire breathing, machete wielding dude, a bassist in a motorcycle helmet packing a chainsaw and a giddy bunch of girls who end up crying. Awesome!