Freaky Friday: "Common People" - Shatner's cover slash-up version

Are you familiar with "Slash" fiction? It's a venerable strain of Star Trek fan fiction that posits a homosexual relationship between Kirk and Spock. Well, today's video cuts up episodes of the old animated Star Trek series in such a way as to suggest the glory days of slash fic, lays William Shatner's cover of Pulp's "Common People" behind it and creates what I believe is the world's first slash-up. With such awesome individual components, how could the sum total be anything less than uber-awesome? It marks the first time anyone's had an encore appearance on Freaky Friday (Shatner's "I Can't Get Behind That" was featured a while back), but that is just a testament to what a weird dude he is. Oh, and any douchebag commenter that feels the need to leave comments reading "Totally gay"? This is one time it is completely appropriate. It is gay. See it after the jump.