Suburban Home Records giving away free albums

To celebrate the label's 14th anniversary, Suburban Home Records is giving everyone one free, downloadable album, with no obligation and no hoops to jump through.

That's right. Free album -- no bullshit.

You will have to supply an e-mail, but that's just so they can mail out the authorization code. Signing up for the newsletter is totally optional, although I am sure they'd be thrilled if you did. Once a day, they are going through and manually mailing out codes that will allow you to download the album of your choice from their catalog, which includes favorites such as Ghost Buffalo, Drag the River and Love Me Destroyer. The downloads are super-high quality 320kbps mp3, too, so it's not like they're giving you some low-quality "tease" in hopes you'll lay out cash on the good stuff. This is a great opportunity to either introduce yourself to the catalog for new fans, or for longtime aficionados of the label to indulge in some of the stuff they were curious about but never got around to buying. What are you waiting for? Hit that lik and get on it, the offer ends at the end of this month!