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Kevin Kain is very much alive and well!

Y'all can cancel the Amber Alert. Kevin Kain is alive and well. Very much so. Last night, the local Twitterverse was buzzing with word that promoter Kevin Kain had allegedly been killed in a car accident at the Southlands Mall. Turns out the erroneous rumor was just that. Talk about raising Kain! [jump]

Just heard #KevinKane was killed in a car accident near southlands mall. Damn This city aint gonna be shit with out dude! #RIP Broless than a minute ago via web

The whole thing started with the above tweet from someone calling themselves @KS1075BIGTIME, offering up condolences to the club promoter, whom, he alleged, had been involved in a fatal wreck. Understandably, this immediately had everybody up in arms.

@KS1075BIGTIME yo where did you hear this from? Please tell me this is not trueless than a minute ago via twidroyd

As word spread of the supposed demise of an obviously beloved man, the Tweets started pouring in, with everyone from his friends, family and loved ones to the president of the United States, damn near, either fretting about his whereabouts or lamenting his passing.

@iDONTwantYoGIRL Damn RIP I love you Kevin always and forever :'-(less than a minute ago via web

Turns out, 84 missed calls and one near riot later, Kain was alive and well and -- according to his Twitterfeed shortly after the rumors started flying -- chillin' at home in his bathrobe.

I am still alive! Smh @ 84 missed calls...less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Once Kevin confirmed that he was indeed still among the living, everyone laughed and breathed a sigh of relief that he isn't taking a dirt nap currently, and that Lord willin' he'll live many more hilarious days to come. Now please stop calling his mama!

STOP CALLING MY MOMS HOUSE... I AM NOT DEAD.... Kevin Kain... Pls RTless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone