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Save Magic Cyclops

There's a free show tonight at the hi-dive to raise money for Magic Cyclops's medical bills. Poor Magic suffered an excruciating and literally crippling blow after being thrown through the air at a Dan Deacon show and breaking both wrists when he landed. Like many musicians, he is without medical insurance, so the financial aspect of it is only adding to the already miserable experience. Monofog, Lion Sized, The New Rome, Mr. Pacman and Dario Rosa are all playing. Doors are at 7, the show starts at 8 and it's FREE, as mentioned. Come see some great local bands and help out a truly nice guy that's had some miserable luck. Once you see him, you won't be able to resist pitching in a few bucks to help him out. He's in pain, he can't play (hell, he can barely dress or feed himself) and he's so pissed off about the experience of needing critical medical care that he can't afford he's been talking about running for office to see if he can't change things. Senator Cyclops? You heard it here first, folks. -- Cory Casciato