A first look at Adam Baumeister of Bad Weather California's warped Aerosmith video trilogy

Remember in the '90s when Aerosmith was really old, but somehow still popular? Adam Baumeister of Bad Weather California is helping us all relive those days with a trilogy of re-worked videos from the Get A Grip-era. Only he's made these gratuitously awkward scenes actually tolerable by setting them to Bad Weather California songs.

The first of these mash-ups is the aptly titled "Get a Grip" and features Aerosmith's "Crazy" -- you know, that weird video where Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone play to every single creeper fantasy about two attractive women and their supposedly "crazy" desires? Baumeister plans to follow with the rest of the Silverstone/Aerosmith trilogy. This re-imaging concept is awesome, but why?

"A couple of years ago, I did the same thing under Littles Paia for a trilogy of Blue Oyster Cult videos," Baumeister explains. "I've always been interested in culture-jamming, illegal billboard art and re-contextualizing pop media." And speaking of the illegal aspect of this whole re-working, when originally posted on YouTube, the video was quickly yanked by Aerosmith's label, Universal Music Group.

So, watch the video while you can, and moreover, enjoy the fact that you get to hear a new Bad Weather California song, which also features vocals by Danielle Brown. Special thanks to Baumeister for leaving Steven Tyler's slimy "Come here, baby" tagline at the beginning of the track.