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Rose Hill Drive returns with new music and a new member

They're back. After being a face on a milk carton for the better part of the past year and a half, the Rose Hill Drive boys are getting ready to fire up the old muscle car. And holy cow, get this: During the time off, frontman Jacob Sproul, a wicked bass player if you've ever seen him, traded his four strings for six and the band brought Jimmy Stofer (The Fray, Hello Kavita, Dualistics, John Common -- and hell, just about everybody else) on board to hold down the low end. Yeah. Fucking A, right? The band's first gig back is next Wednesday, June 9 at the Sundown Saloon in Boulder. The show's at 10:30 and it's free, but you better get there early. You know that shit's going to be at capacity with a line around the block as soon as door's open. If you miss the Sundown show, the outfit is playing again at the end of the month in Aspen at the Belly Up on Saturday, June 26.