Booka Shade on the difference between DJs and producers

Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merziger are the two Germans behind Booka Shade (which plays Beta on June 21). The group, in its latest iteration (it played briefly in the '90s as well), has developed a sort of cult following in the American EDM market. Its sound is different from much of the mainstream artists currently in the scene, but that hasn't stopped Booka Shade from finding success in the dance world.

In 2012, Booka Shade released "Honeyslave" on party DJ Steve Aoki's DIMMAK record label. "We did do something with Steve Aoki...people wondered how we did it, but the fact was he is a longtime fan and wanted to work with us," says Kammermeir. "But we can never do the sound like he does. We do the Booka Shade sound."