Behold the awesome absurdity of Total Ghost

Snowy weather got you feeling glum? Yeah? We hear ya. Luckily, we've got just thing to turn that frown upside down. Meet Total Ghost. We don't know where in the hell these dudes Chön and Biktor came from -- they claim to be from Germany, but we suspect they're about as German as a Wisconsin lumber mill -- but we haven't been able to wipe off the permagrin that instantly appeared on our mugs the moment we popped in their CDR.

Don't miss songs like "Gerlfreund," "Computer Nation," or our favorite, "Too Fast for the Autobahn," which boasts a completely compelling narrative about, well, driving too fast on the Autobahn and getting out of a ticket by being fabulous:

On the Autobahn from Dresden on the way to a gig in Berlin I drove too fast to pay the toll 'Cause when you're rock and roll like we are in a prototype Lamborghini car You have a tendency to lose control

We got pulled over by a lady cop She was serious and seriously hot She wrote a ticket for 1,000 pounds She said, "There is a way That you don't have to pay You have to take me on the town"

We said, "We drive too fast! Too fast for the Autobahn!"

Pass the line up to the nightclub door and straight to the discoteque floor She said she wants to dance until sunrise She took the ticket out of our pocket tore it to pieces and then she dropped it And then we looked into her eyes and said

We said, "We drive too fast! Too fast for the Autobahn!"

Profoundly inane yet pathologically funtastic, Total Ghost sounds like Wesley Willis attempting to translate TV on the Radio for the Miami Vice generation. Catch Total Ghost at Casselman's on Thursday, February 24.